In Praise of a Simple Natural Cleaner: White Vinegar

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In Praise of a Simple Natural Cleaner: White Vinegar

February 24, 2016 - 00:00
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Versatile, Natural, & Effective - the many uses of Vinegar.

White Vinegar

Few products around the house are as green and versatile as vinegar. In its most innocuous form (distilled white vinegar), it can be used to remove hard water spots, decalcify a kettle, clean the floor, or to make salad dressing! Today we'll look past the obvious cooking applications for vinegar and instead look at some of the lesser known uses.

Replacing Rinse Aides
Many modern dishwashers come with or suggest some form of rinse aide. Most of these are rather expensive per ounce. Plus these aides are one more man-made chemical that is introduced unnecessarily into our lives. Many people are unaware that white vinegar is cheaper, just as effective, and a natural alterative to products like Jet Dry. At less than 5% of the cost on a per ounce basis, this is a chance to replace a man-made chemical with a natural alternative, and also saving money.

Cleaning Your Dishwasher
Wait. What? It isn't self cleaning? Unfortunately not.

Over time a significant amount of residue from things like: hard water, low quality detergent, and slow water heating, build up in your dishwasher. This build up eventually leads to reduced performance. In other words it leaves you with a scaly, scummy dishwasher. One cup or two of white vinegar is a simple way to clean this up. Put a lightweight plastic cup three quarters full in the top rack and do the same in the bottom rack. Fill the soap drawer with vinegar and turn the dishwasher on to its longest, hottest cycle. The vinegar will remove hard water, break up the soap, and clean your dishwasher.

A Soft Solution to Hard Water
The build up of calcium and mineral deposits is something many of us experience in our kitchens and homes in general. This is often found around taps, in kettles, and appliances like humidifiers. Hard water is murder on humidifiers! Fortunately, a little time and a solution of warm water and vinegar will work wonders on these build ups. You can return kettles to like new inside or get taps to flow properly by letting them soak in solution for a few hours.

So there you have it, a whole list of exciting uses for vinegar. Give it a shot and tell us what you think. Do you have any additional unique uses for vinegar?