10 Step Home Dishwasher Tune Up

The dishwasher – the workhorses of our kitchens, more than any other appliances they are relied on to save us time and in my case keep me sane (I hate doing dishes by hand). To many of us though they are an afterthought – something we always expect to work perfectly time and time again. Unfortunately that constant use over time leads to wear and tear, build-ups, and in turn degraded performance. Dishes that once came out consistently clean, glasses sparkling, flatware spotless; over time give way to films, water spots, and clouding. Replacing a dishwasher is expensive and onerous, so what can you do?

Well before anything drastic try a home tune up! Or more correctly a clean up.

Follow these steps:
1.) Check & clean the food traps, these clog up with food that results in your dishwasher draining poorly and are a common cause of foul odors.
2.) If you have a light or rinse cycle run it through this cycle with nothing in the dishwasher including detergent.
3.) Now that food is removed and the dishwasher has been rinsed inside let it air out and dry for several hours (potentially over night if you live somewhere humid).
4.) Once you are rinsed and thoroughly dried its is time to descale and clean the insides (what sounds like a grimy job is actually quite simple).
5.) Fill two plastic cups or measuring cups half way with White Vinegar, place one each in the top and bottom racks.
6.) Fill the detergent drawer with vinegar as well.
7.) Now run the hot water tap in your sink until good consistent hot water flows through it, this will ensure what comes enters the dishwasher is also hot from the start
8.) Set the dishwasher to the longest hottest cycle you have – and run it.
9.) Once the cycle is complete send it through again on the lightest cycle and open it up to air out.
10.) You are done!

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