Sugar Snap Peas – A Quick & Easy Side Dish

4 ingredients and 15 minutes from start to finish is all you need for this tasty sugar snap peas side dish. Modeled off Ina Garten’s mildly more involved dish (she uses 5 ingredients) we cut down the ingredients slightly but still get to a similarly tasty place.

What You’ll Need:
Other than the peas you should have all of these kitchen basics on hand
1.) Sugar snap peas – as many of them as you want, (figure a pound serves 6-8 people as a small side dish).
2.) Decent quality Olive Oil
3.) Kosher Salt
4.) Fresh ground pepper

What You’ll Do:
1.) As with all produce first Wash thoroughly & Dry the peas.
2.) Then trim off the end pieces of them especially the part that used to be the flower.
3.) Once you have trimmed off the end we are ready to start cooking, place several table spoons of olive oil in the pan. This amount will vary by pan size but make sure it is enough to lightly coat the bottom of the pan.
4.) Heat the pan on medium high until the oil begins to shimmer but not smoke.
5.) Toss in the peas into the pan and begin to blister them
6.) Grind in some pepper now (not all of it though, doing this will cook some of the peper and give the dish a peth of flavor).
7.) Continue to stir the peas in the pan until the are well coasted with oil and pepper and the skins are blistering and browned in spots.
8.) Take the peas off the heat and drop them into a serving bowl.
9.) Salt and pepper the sugar snap peas to taste, and serve immediately.

Please leave us any thoughts you have on this side dish (or any of our others) in the comments.

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