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8 Easy Home Security Tips

As anyone who has experienced a break-in or even just left a door open and come home to an eerily quite house – home security is often given too little though until it is too late. Today we are going to look at some simple and inexpensive ways to better secure your home. The goal isn’t to make your home Fort Knox – but rather to make your house look and be a more difficult target for thieves than those around you.

1.) Close and lock doors and windows when you leave the house this is the number one easiest thing you can do to improve your home security, huge percentage of burglaries occur through open doors and windows.

2.) This is a big one very few people thing about: Secure the Garage. Most Garage doors have an easily accessible emergency release, tie it up higher so intruders cannot get to it. Now with that done Secure the door itself, do this by buying a pad lock and slipping it through one of the door runners so the door cannot be raised. Finally look at the door between your house and the garage – this in most cases is a heavy fire-door. Secure this with a high quality deadbolt.

3.) Get some signs – you don’t need to actually have the alarm or dog but a beware of dog sign as well as a prominently displayed alarm company sign will make your house less appealing to thieves. Similar schadenfreude can be undertake with dummy security cameras – make sure they are easily spotted from the outside.

4.) Lights – Specifically motion sensing lights for the outside of your home and at least if not more lights on timers inside your home. This will illuminate people approaching the house and give off the appearance of you being home when you are not.

5.) Install deadbolt locks and reinforced strike plates on all doors – this will make it significantly more difficult to pry open or break down doors to gain entry to the house.

6.) Do not do things like leave keys in the mailbox this gives people easy access to your home.

7.) Let neighbors (who you trust) know when you are traveling, stop the mail and have them bring in/out things like the trash.

8.) Did we mention Lock the doors and windows when you leave? We did good, well it deserves a second mention.

Like most things in life home security can become overly complicated and expensive if you let it, but by being aware using common sense and following the simple steps above you’ll be in a much better safer spot. You are interested in a deeper look though here are three good articles: