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2016 Lifestyle Trends For the Ladies that are Worth the Hype

Every year there are so many lifestyle trends that we as consumers get inundated with. It is hard to know what is actually worthwhile. I suppose it is completely a matter of opinion, but there are some trends I have gotten sucked into this year that I am actually loving. Here are my favorite 2016 lifestyle trends geared towards the ladies. I warn you this list is a little random, but hey I like what I like.

Favorite Health Trend: Kombucha
Everyone has been talking about this potent and delightfully strange beverage made of fermented bacteria and yeast. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand how gross it sounds to down a cup of bacteria and yeast. However, despite my own shock and surprise I really like the stuff! Not only do I find that it actually tastes quite good, but it is also good for you. The brand that I enjoy is called KeVita. Their blends contain probiotics which are excellent for digestive health.

Favorite Crafting Trend: Planners
We use our phones and tablets for absolutely everything now, so naturally good old fashion paper planners and Day-timers seemed like a thing of the past. However seemingly out of nowhere there is a new surge of interest in planners and calendars thanks to the scrapbooking and paper crafting community. Planning has turned into a crafting project unto itself as women are decorating their planners with stickers, notepads, tassels, and all sorts of accessories. As quite the busy multitasker, I rely on my planner to help me keep track of important dates, to do’s, and lists. I love knowing exactly what I have to tackle for the week, plus how great is it to scratch something off a to-do list!

Favorite Home Trend: Aromatherapy Diffusers
In 2016 I got the opportunity to go to a spa, and it was such an amazing experience. One of the most relaxing parts of it was the soothing smell inside the spa. I am a big on scents, and I think they really help to create an ambiance within your home. I did some research to see how I could recreate the spa scent in my home and found that it in many cases it is generated by aromatherapy diffusers. These are a hot trend this year and are popping up everywhere from Walmart to Walgreens. Simply mix distilled water and your favorite essential oil into the diffuser and your house will smell delightful without the toxins found in a lot of other home fragrance products

Favorite Beauty Trend: Peel Away Facial Sheet Masks
In the realm of beauty, the lifestyle trend I am loving most is peel away facial sheet masks. These masks typically cost a few bucks, but they pack a lot of skin improving punch for an at home spa treatment. Plus they are incredibly relaxing and are a great way to wind down after a stressful day. When you are done with the mask simply remove the sheet and massage in the rest of the remaining serum that’s left on your face. No mess, no fuss. I am loving this eye mask line from Sephora.

Favorite Food Trend: Mug Recipes
I am fascinated by this trend, because I never knew you could make so many things in just a mug! Like most people, I thought mugs were just for coffee and tea, but that was before Pinterest showed me the error of my ways. They are also a fabulous baking tool to make a plethora of quick and convenient mug cakes. If you are hooked on this trend, check out this article from Society19 featuring some pretty awesome mug recipes.

Favorite Fashion Trend: The Bralette
Is it a bra, is it a crop top? No, it’s a bralette and every lady needs one. These are everywhere and found in so many different colors, shapes, and styles. There are lace ones, strappy ones, boho chic ones, but whatever your preference they are a wardrobe must have for 2016. Layer them under loose fitting tanks with low cut arm holes or open backs so you can show them off.

Well those are my favorite lifestyle trends for women that in my opinion are actually worth trying out. There are so many new fun products, ideas, and trends out there this year, and there are still many more months to go before the year comes to a close. Let us know what your favorite lifestyle trends have been this year so far.

*Photo collage created from Polyvore.com