Can Two Ingredients Save Frozen Peas? Yes they can!

Most of us have at least one package of fairly uninteresting frozen peas in our freezer. Adding to that if your family is anything like mine they probably get used more often for bumps and bruises than they get served for dinner. You probably also have less than favorable childhood memories of frozen peas being slapped on everything as a side and pushed home with an “eat your peas” order from mom and dad.

We’ll today we are here to help save the frozen pea! This recipe is very easy to knock out and also works for fresh peas if you are lucky to have them around.

What you will need:
– Frozen Peas (1/3 cup per person).
– Bacon (1strip per 1/3rd cup frozen peas).
– Shallots (one medium size shallot per 1/3 cup of peas).
– Salt & Pepper.

What you’ll do:
– Cut the bacon in to roughly half inch wide pieces.
– Thin slice the shallots.
– Blanch the peas for 30 seconds in salted water, drain and set aside.
– Render the bacon in a pan until half done.
– Begin to fry shallots in the pan with the bacon.
– Once the bacon is the desired level of crispy toss in the peas for a minute.
– Salt & Pepper to taste.

Plate and serve your new hero peas immediately.

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