The most recent list of cancelled TV shows

Today we got the semi-regular list of major shows that have been renewed, end or cancelled on TV (and now on streaming services like Netflix!). The full list of both renewed and/or cancelled TV shows is running on right now but here are some of the biggest names we’ll be losing to cancellation:

Duck Dynasty – After 11 seasons and a couple controversies the beards and bandanas are leaving the small screen.

Workaholics – After 7 seasons on Comedy Central this one is done.

Braindead & American Gothic – Each made it only 1 season on CBS before joining the ranks of cancelled TV shows.

Murder in the first – dead after three seasons on TNT.

Aquarius – Even David Duchovny could save their show from cancellation after 2 years on NBC.

Mistresses – is headed for divorce from ABC after 4 seasons.

Pretty Little Liars – Ending after its seventh season on the renamed “freeform” network.

Grimm – heading into syndication after 6 seasons on NBC.

I Am Cait – Canceled after two seasons and a bunch of hype on E!

So those are the big ones that are going away this season, which cancelled TV shows will you miss the most?

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