The Top 10 Baby Names for 2016

In a year that saw a lot of upheaval in a lot of places the list of Top 10 Baby Names for 2016 was not one of them. Once again Jackson for boys and Sophia for girls took home the top honors as the most popular baby names of 2016. The other top baby names were:

Top 10 Baby Names for Girls:
1.) Sophia
2.) Emma
3.) Olivia
4.) Ava
5.) Mia
6.) Isabelle
7.) Riley
8.) Aria (like the casino?)
9.) Zoe
10.) Charlotte

Top 10 Baby Names for Boys:
1.) Jackson
2.) Aiden
3.) Lucas
4.) Liam
5.) Noah
6.) Ethan
7.) Mason
8.) Caden
9.) Oliver
10.) Elijah

This list originally popped up on and is from self reported data so it might not be the most comprehensive list out there – but if you want to wait for the official list it wont be here until roughly this time next year. So until there you have the Top 10 Baby Names for 2016.


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