Summer Savings Tips – 5 Ways to Save Gas

Even though gas prices have backed off the miserable days of 2010 gas still remains one of the biggest and most consistent drags on our wallet. With that big drain in mind today we are taking a quick look at ways to save gas (without buying a new car).

1.) Most people don’t realize the biggest and easiest to control place that people waste gas are under inflated tires, this can cost you up to 5% of your mileage. It is a good idea once a month to check your tire pressure and properly inflate them.

2.) Learn the “50MPH Rule” for cooling off your car. Below 50 MPH open the windows, above that speed close them and use the A/C. The reason for this is aerodynamic drag which increases exponentially at speed.

3.) Maintain your car. Specifically the filters like air and oil, these clog and degrade over time causing the motor to work harder to produce the same amount of power. While changing the oil can be a little messy, changing air filters is not. A simple YouTube tutorial will show even the least mechanically person inclined how.

4.) Use a gas price location app. Many of the apps like Waze have this feature built in. They will allow you to locate gas stations based on lowest price and the distance from your route. Locally for me a 2 minute detour saves me ~ 10% per gallon (your results will vary).

5.) Rewards programs these vary from gas station credit cards, to things like Fuel Points offered by grocery stores. Either way these rewards can add up to big reductions in the cost of a gallon of gas.

So there you have it 5 easy ways to save gas without buying a new car from your friends at

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