5 Simple and Inexpensive Home Security Gadgets

Have you ever been awoken in the middle of the night by a mysterious noise? Perhaps you thought in that moment that it would be great to have a home security system of some sort. Unfortunately most home security systems can cost a pretty penny. So what is the cautious home owner to do? Well, thankfully there are lots of very simple and inexpensive home security gadgets out there that can help keep your home secure without spending a lot of cash. Here are some of our favorite budget friendly home security gadgets so that you can rest easy.

1. The Lock Locker
This handy device locks around your deadbolt and door knob to create a rock solid grip on your deadbolt so that it cannot be turned from the engaged position to the off position. It is made of an extremely sturdy resin that is used for equipment such as riot shields and crash helmets. When inside the house it is very easy to remove when you are done with it or in case of emergency.

2. Master-Lock Dual Function Security Bar
The Master-Lock bar works by stopping intruders from being able to open hinged doors or glass sliding doors for patio or backyard access. It is a long adjustable steel bar that sits propped underneath your doorknob and sits on the ground at an angle, so that when somebody tries to enter the house the pressure of entry pushes the bar more firmly into the ground creating an effective barricade. When being used for a slider door, simply remove the top piece and place the bar in the track of your sliding door. That way it blocks anyone from being able to slide the door along the track to open it.

3. Security Sign Yard Stake & Window Decals
If you don’t want to pay for a monthly home security alarm subscription, you can still give the appearance that you have one with this set of fake home security decals and matching lawn stake. These allow you to trick potential intruders into thinking your house is protected by a security system.

4. GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm
The door stop alarm sits right behind your door, so that when it is opened the door runs over the door stop and triggers the alarm to go off. It is a very loud alarm that is sure to scare any intruder as well as alert you and your neighbors to the potential threat.

5. Stalwart Sprinkler Head Hide-a-Key
This is such a clever and creative way to hide your spare key so that intruders won’t find it when you go on vacation. It is a very realistic looking fake sprinkler head that you place in your lawn, but it actually opens up and allows you to store your key for friends and family members that are watching your house or your pets while you are away.

Those are our favorite home security gadgets to help you feel safe and protected against potential intruders. The best part is these home security gadgets are all under $25, and they can be found on Amazon easily through the links we provided.