5 Workouts You Will Actually Enjoy

Exercise is something that most of us dread doing, but we all know how important it is for our health. The good news is there are now more ways to work out than ever before and some of them are actually pretty enjoyable. The best place to start is to think about what types of physical activities you genuinely enjoy. Then find creative ways to incorporate that into a workout routine. If you hate running, don’t force yourself to run. If you think the treadmill is mundane, give yourself permission to avoid it. Instead focus on what you love. If you do that, you’ll be ten times more likely to stick with a workout routine. Who knows, then working out might turn into one of your favorite hobbies! Here is our list of the top 5 workouts you will actually enjoy doing.

1. Barre Classes
Combine basic ballet techniques along with pilates, cardio, and strength training and you’ve got Barre, the latest fitness craze. You may have seen Barre studios cropping up in your city or town, because this new workout is all the rage. Devotees say that results happen quickly with this challenging but fun exercise technique. Some say the first class can be a little bit intimidating, because it requires learning new movements and some classes move between exercises quickly. For this reason it may take a few classes to master the key moves, but stick with it. Most classes last 60 minutes and typically start with upper body workouts like planks and push ups. Then you will move to the ballet barre where you will do small isolated movements where precise technique is key. If you have injuries or are pregnant this can be an ideal workout, because it is low impact but still very effective. Also, if you love yoga or pilates, Barre will likely be an easier transition for you as some of the moves are inspired by those disciplines.

2. Zumba Fitness
If you like the energy of a club and you love to dance Zumba is the perfect workout for you. Zumba classes are fun, high energy workouts that are really great for cardio and reportedly burn up to 500 calories in an hour long class. The fun music is a key element to any Zumba class, and it will certainly be turned up loud. The dance routines are mostly latin dance or hip hop based, however there also routines inspired by Indian Bollywood or African dance. It can be tricky to pick up the moves, but after a few classes you will likely catch on. There also some basic Zumba dance moves that will pop up in class frequently, which will help you catch on faster. Teachers do aim to mix up the routines and music to keep things interesting and fresh. The workouts begin with a very simple, basic dance that will get you warmed up. After the warm up, the dances do get more high energy, and they may include jumping or squats to increase the intensity and caloric burn. The end of a typical Zumba class involves a slow song where you will stretch and wind down. The 1 hour tends to go by surprisingly quickly, because it is so fast paced and you get wrapped up in the dancing.

3. Hula Hooping
Turn your childhood pastime into a genuine ab workout. You can use a regular old-school hula hoop or you can purchase a weighted version to increase the intensity. If you work for 30 minutes you could expect to burn around 150 to 250 calories. The company Hoopnotica, is working to create a hula hoop fitness revolution. They supply enthusiasts with weighted hula hoops that can be taken apart and carried easily in a bag for travel or storage purposes. They also sell workout dvds that you can follow at home. Their website touts the many benefits of this exercise including toned abs, legs, and arms, but they also say it helps calm the mind and reduce stress. It also helps to improve coordination and flexibility. Who knew the hula hoop could do so much!

4. Doga
This is a workout trend becoming popular in the UK, and is poised to become a hit all across the globe. Doga is yoga classes with your dog. It sounds wacky, but Doga enthusiasts claim that it actually has a lot of benefits for both them and their pups. Yoga is wonderful for the mind and body allowing you to de-stress and be present in the moment while simultaneously getting a good low impact workout. Apparently the same benefits can be had for your dog. You would think that your dog would be running around the room creating mischief while you try to do get into the perfect yoga position creating a chaotic scenario that is anything but relaxing. However, Doga studio owners say that while things may be chaotic at the start of the class, your dog will feed off your energy. If you stay calm and centered your dog will react in kind. You will be surprised that your dog will actually stay by your side and work with you on the exercises. By the end you both will be very relaxed. Doga is mainly for the benefit of the human participant, but the dogs do really seem to enjoy it and get a lot out of it. If nothing else Doga is great for strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners.

5. Aerial Fitness
If you have ever wished that you could fly, Aerial Fitness might be the workout for you. Aerial fitness is considered a form of dance and it involves hanging from different apparatuses that hang from the ceiling such as hoops, aerial ribbons, or trapeze. Experts are skilled at holding beautiful and graceful postures with the apparatuses. They are also skilled at doing rolls and controlled falls with the ribbons. Instructors will guide you through holding different positions and doing a variety of maneuvers. This is excellent for developing upper body and core strength as well as flexibility. Some Aerial Fitness classes focus specifically on the practice of yoga creating a really cool and exciting spin on the traditional yoga class. As you can imagine, aerial fitness can be a little difficult to master and could potentially be dangerous if done incorrectly. You want to make sure that you don’t try this at home! Find a reputable studio to learn at in your area.

Well that concludes our list of the top 5 workouts you will acutally enjoy doing. Let us know if we missed any new and fresh workout ideas.


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