Becoming a better cook – Digital Apps for beginners

As a novice cook, looking to become a better cook, I often find myself relying on recipes a lot of the same recipes. So learning new techniques and being exposed to new recipes and growing as a cook becomes difficult. Sprinkling in new ingredients, technics, and dishes is key to growth as a cook. That is why I love cooking apps, they can get you out of a rut and thinking of new meals to cook. It happens to us all, we fall into the trap of making the same meals week after week. However, after discovering cooking apps I’ve been inspired to expand my horizons. Here are some awesome cooking apps that I think will help inspire you to break out of your cooking rut as well.

Recipe Book
If you are looking for a tool that suggests recipes based on what you have on hand in your fridge or cupboards, Recipe Book is great. Select a couple ingredients you have around and shake your phone. The app will show you recipes based on those ingredients. If you looking for more exotic options from around the world Recipe Book has you covered with meals from around the globe.

If you are a cooking newbie this app is the total package. Not only does it provide recipes but it also provides guided audio directions and videos. Plus the video and audio instructions have built in timers to give you enough time to complete steps before the next one. That way you don’t have to touch your phone mid chop or mix. If you have food allergies or are sticking to an elimination diet, this app can help by allowing you to search for recipes by those restrictions.

This App aggregates all the best recipes from the top recipe sites and food blogs around the web, its basically a newsreader app for recipes. It also have functionality save your favorites to your recipe box and easily incorporate all the ingredients into your grocery shopping/ instacart list. This is a great way to experience new recipes and learn techniques you might not otherwise be exposed to which is one of the best ways to become a better cook.

The Betty Crocker Cookbook
With more than 15,000 recipes in this app long time trusted name in cooking Betty Crocker really delivers here, functionality such as save and share is great for learning from and with others. When cooking with the app you can set it to cook mode which locks the screen, so that it doesn’t keep going dark while you are working. You can also keep track of ingredients you have already added by pressing on each ingredient in the list to check it off. The app also gives you substitution ideas if you are avoiding certain ingredients.

EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry
When you are looking to eat healthy this is a great app. Sometimes it seems quicker and easier to grab some fast food, but the meals in this app are specifically designed to be both quick and easy. Many of the recipes only take less than15 minutes to make. Another nice bonus is that the app gives you the full nutrition facts for each meal.

So there you have a quick LifeHomeLiving guide to app that will help you become a better cook – if there are any others you think we should review as always drop us a line here on our Facebook page.

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